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Expected arrival of the Game - post #1

Tue 14 Dec 2021, 22:16

I have been monitoring the deliveries of Tales from the Loop boargame across the US. Over the last few days I have read peoples kickstarter forum postings indicating receiving the shipment in Minnesota, and then today in Pennsylvania. I live in New Hampshire, so the "hoard is getting close". When first made available is constructed my own Print & Play version of the game, even making the box using the included warp around cover art. Printed and laminated the board. Had some plastic fasteners which I melted over the ends to attach the Enigma and Insight dials. printed the cards and folded them into sleeves, and laminated all the boards for characters and robots, and tokens. and them some extras which are posted on the face Book page for this game. Chore tokens that look like a list on paper. Obtained the colored cubes and I was off and playing. I found a few tokens missing, like the robot grave yard and made art for it. It is also posted on face book. I played a few games solo of Bots Amok, and won. Then I decided to dig into a couple of scenarios I had run for my family of the RPG game. Recycled Boy and Summer Break-Killer Birds. I adapted them to the boargame by making my own Diary cards, location token and stuff, and played more game. These are also posted on te face book group. "Tales from the Loop - Boardgame". I also started the group. This is practically the best game, ever. Bravo Free League.

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