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Cantrips and Leveled Spells

Sun 26 Sep 2021, 01:06

I played through The Promised Land with a new group of players today. We had a mix of players completely new to TTRPGs as well as more veteran D&D 5e players.

Firstly, everyone had great fun and really loved the setting.

One of the more veteran players has played a lot as a Tempest Cleric and other casters in standard D&D. He was really curious about the Corruption system and lack of spell slots. He pointed out that when you reach a high enough level some cantrips will out-damage level 1 spells, but these level 1 spells will still give you more Corruption than the cantrips. I am not sure how much it actually matters, but has this been taken into consideration during game development?

Thoughts? Opinions?
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Re: Cantrips and Leveled Spells

Sun 26 Sep 2021, 09:51

Yes some spells become useless with high levels PCs. Unfortunately it is not said in the Player Handbook that you can change one spell you know and replace it by a new one when you gain a level, as it is in 5E.

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