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Elves and Elven settlements

Wed 14 Apr 2021, 23:34

My players have started searching for an elven village or city, or I realised that no such thing is ever mentioned in the GM's guide or in the Raven's Purge campaign.

I'm not quite sure how to approach this then. Would the elves still have cities per se in the Dankwood? Given the race description, I don't really envision Stillelves still living in such harsh lands for no reason.

Maybe a small settlement of Unruly and Redrunners that are creeping back from the Stillmists?

How did you approach this in your games?
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Re: Elves and Elven settlements

Thu 15 Apr 2021, 09:16

My plan is to make Stridehome, which is mentioned in the legend of Menkaura's tooth, an elven settlement, maybe threatened by giant spiders.

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