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Timeline of Story Events

Sun 11 Aug 2019, 17:08

In what sequence should the current pre-made stories be played through to a) make the most sense, and b) support the metaplot best?  Does such a “canon” timeline already exist? If not, could one be provided?

If the latter, I would like to offer a few points to consider:
  • Such a timeline does not necessarily need to include the “story seeds” in the location books, unless they are especially interesting in regards to the metaplot (whether we know it at this time or not…).
  • According to the Emissary Lost book, the events of Last Voyage of the Ghazali take places in the segment of the Gambler (CC61) and Emissary Lost kicks off in the last week of the segment of the Faceless One (same year). While “A Song For Jarouma” takes place before this time period, this means there are 5-6 segments of time available.
  • Related to the above, and considering there are already a fair amount of pre-mades released at this time, it makes sense that stories are geographically “clustered” as much as possible. Travel across the Horizon takes time, and sensible crews would probably prefer to take up missions nearby than having to fly back and forth across the entire Horizon. The current locations of each story are (AFAIK): Hamura (The Last Voyage of the Ghazali), Dabaran (Dark Flowers), Kua (The Statuette of Zhar, Aram’s Secret, The Dying Ship, Algebra of the Icons, Emissary Lost), Mira (The Tailor of Mira) and (Uharu) (Eye of the Beast)

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