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Learning multiple tradition

Wed 28 Nov 2018, 15:14


I've just started to DM Symbaroum, and I must admit, I like the system & setting, but one of my PC hit me with a question I can't answer wholehearthedly.

So I'd like to ask for some clarification & if a writer would answer, I'd be very grateful.

Is it possible to learn abilities of multiple mystic traditions?

Yes, I know that their wordview clash, but what of about a reformed wich who'd like to follow Prios or a fallen templar learning sorcery.

If the answer would be no, the Staff Mage Profession would only be open to self-trained mystics, what is a very restricting possibility.

Thank you for your answer in advance.
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Re: Learning multiple tradition

Tue 11 Dec 2018, 01:33

It's possible. There is no restiction in rule about learning abilities (except ones for archetype or profession or powers). Your PCs are free to choose as they want their abilities and to learn two traditions.
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Re: Learning multiple tradition

Tue 11 Dec 2018, 11:52

I will allow it in my games if the player can come up with a plausible explanation as to why their character belongs to two traditions.
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Re: Learning multiple tradition

Tue 25 Dec 2018, 23:34

Yndaros answered my question:

There is a troll Troll-singer adept called Aldrax on the pg. 139.

He "wish to learn about the humans’ magic, and Seldonio introduced..."

So, an adept of a mystical tradition & the Grandmaster of Ordo Magica both found the idea of learning multiple traditions feasible.

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