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Sun 28 Jan 2018, 12:12

*SPOILERS* for the Mutant Year Zero campaign endgame, so if you’re a player, look away.

I just finished a year-long campaign of MYZ (thank you so much, it was awesome and the end played out a charm!), and a couple of days later, re-watched Logan, the Wolverine/X-Men movie based on the Old Man Logan arc in the comics 2008-10.

There are a number of very similar elements: a place called Eden, a genetics lab, kids in cages... enough that I thought there might be lines of influence between MYZ and comic or movie.

Anyone know enough about the writing of these to know/infer influence? The comics appear to be older than even the Swedish Mutant År Noll, but I’m not sure how many of the specifics in the movie are from the comics (the screenplay seems to be a *very* loose adaptation, Oscar nom notwithstanding). Could the movie have lifted details from an obscure (well, you know, relatively niche) RPG figuring no one would notice? Or was it ‘stealing them back’?
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Re: Logan/MYZ

Sun 28 Jan 2018, 15:38


I also realized the similarities when i saw the move Logan. Very interesting! However, I had not (and still haven't) read the Old Man Logan comic when I wrote the backstory for Mutant: Year Zero, so I can safely say that I have not lifted any details from it. :)
Also, as you say I believe that the movie Logan is quite different from the comic it was based on.
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Re: Logan/MYZ

Sun 28 Jan 2018, 18:04

Hi Tomas — thanks! Do you suppose the influence might have been the other way, and that the screenwriters might have been aware of MYZ...? (!)