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The Little Grey Mice - Polish Resistance in Gliwice

Wed 20 Mar 2024, 02:29

The Little Grey Mice is a Free Polish (AK - Home Army) resistance unit in the Town of Gliwice in southern Poland, formed from a pre-War Polish Milicja (Police) SWAT-like team which declared for the AK when NATO entered Polish territory. It formed part of the AK garrison and Police force of Gliwice until the recent Soviet offensive resulted in the city being captured by Soviet/Polish Communist forces and has remained in the town acting as a core for the resistance forces

Like the previous Long Range Striking Force the Little Grey Mice provides for a non-US based campaign.

This is part of the second part of the Operation Omdurman High Adventure Scenario Pack set iun SE Poland and Slovakia (as described in SW TVD #1: Slovakia, Hungary & Austria, available separately) ... the full version of Part #2 is currently in preparation.

This assumes play style wildly different from the Mad Max hand to mouth howling willderness (tm) of Poland as described in the TW 2000 Core rules and, while being close to the notional history of that, diverges into a more militarily believable side of things ... so this may not suit all TW 2000 players.

This material will be included in the Operation Omdurman Campaign Pack and early purchasers will be offered a discount for that product.

Note: Lulu Ready PoD files for a cover and interior are included since the Community Program doesn't allow for PoD through DTRPG. You are free to use them and print your own version as a Saddle Stitch book.

Normally I don't do discounts ... however, for Forum readers a discount to $3.99 (normally $4.49) is available ... but expires on Sunday 23 March. ... 92c0bd18bc

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