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Npc adventurers

Tue 16 Aug 2022, 01:52

During my campaign I’ve introduced to the party a dwarf adventurer and a Ranger. They decided to use them within combat but I’ve had several issue since adapting a statblock from a southern raider to a npc ally does not translate well in combat since they do not have a parry value or strength value for combat. What should I do?
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Re: Npc adventurers

Tue 16 Aug 2022, 15:39

I would create them as fully fleshed out characters, but limit their skill/adventure point gain. Maybe 2/3 of what the PCs get? I would also have them off doing their own things at times, so they don’t feel like sidekicks controlled by the PCs. Also, if you have players pop into a game, they have a ready-made PC to jump right into things.
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Re: Npc adventurers

Tue 16 Aug 2022, 20:50

Depends on how important they are. Do you want them as full members of the group for a long time? You could just create normal characters for them and treat them as player heroes. If one of the other heroes is knocked out or not in the scene, another player could roll dice for them.

If they are not that important, I‘d just give them an attribute level, one or two traits, and a weapon proficiency. Since they are not fighting against the group, I‘d just describe what happens with them in combat or roll a d12 to see, if they get injured or killed.
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Re: Npc adventurers

Wed 17 Aug 2022, 08:01

Hi. (Welcome to the forums, Rogblog.)

I agree with Sebastian here.

Are these Additional Player Characters (APC) meant to be run by the Company, or by the LM? E.g. who rolls the dice for them, or who decides if and when they use Hope?

Any APC operated by the players themselves needs a complete set of stats of course. If the APC is derived from an adversary like the Southern Raider, then the Attribute level will produce all three of its Strength, Heart and Wits values. It would be low on Hope generally speaking, if you traded the adversary value for Resolve/Hate and called it Hope. And you have to make up a Parry value: maybe triple the Wits rating?
How does the APC act during skills tests? Or roles on Journeys? How have you managed to generate the skill levels for the 18 Common Skills? Lots to do and to monitor if you want to offer a full APC that directly takes part like a PC.

If the LM directly controls the APC, then it can all be narrated in the background. E.g. the LM can elect when it pitches in. Doing it this way means that the LM can choose to narrate instead of rolling, and so save all the admin. It can also avoid needing to create values like Parry, because there will be no dice rolling.

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