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Adrenaline Mechanic

Fri 05 Aug 2022, 03:19

Been playing lots of Alien RPG (especially colonial marines), and loving it, but wanted to tone down the panicking in the context of playing seasoned combat veterans who have “seen it all”.

As an alternative to panicking in stressful situations, I wanted to try out adrenaline strain on your body and mind.

Modification to the Stress Mechanic:
Every time you roll a 1 (face hugger) on any Stress Dice it does not trigger a Panic Roll, but instead it triggers a Strain Roll: 1D6 + Stress Level.
If the result is 7 or more, then the attribute being used for the skill test is reduced by one.
If any attribute is reduced to zero, you are Broken.
Once your Stress Level is reduced to zero, you can recover lost attribute points by resting, and regain one point per Turn to all affected attributes.

Overkill talent mostly works the same… if Stain Roll is 11+, you don’t reduce your attribute, but must immediately attack your enemies and you won’t stop until you or all enemies in sight are Broken.
However, other PCs in Short Range do not make Strain Roll. Instead, any PC in Short Range that also has the Overkill talent must likewise immediately attack enemies and won’t stop until he/she or all enemies in sight are Broken.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

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