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Bending rules for effect

Mon 01 Aug 2022, 15:01

What are some rules that you bend for effect in your games? What do you think about this:

A character that had turned against the group had isolated himself from others and only had an incinerator unit. Then an enemy attacked him. When he rolled for his attack, he rolled a success, but also a panic (1 on stress) and his panic number was a 9: drop item. I made the call that his attack was not successful, he fumbled and dropped his weapon, and on the creature’s next turn the PC was annihilated.

This was the end of cinematic play (end of act 3) and it made for an amazing death scene. Too harsh? I think that dropping a weapon in that scenario is realistic and created tension.

What are some cool things you all do as GMs to bend the rules?

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