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Holy aura is OP?

Sun 31 Jul 2022, 16:57

Hello everyone!

I’m wondering what has been your experience of holy aura? Is it totally OP? At first glance, it seems so to me.

Many later combats in ToT involve abominations and undead, and having one (or two) instances going on at once might really deter from the drama.

I try to use the RAW with minimal houserules, but here, I’m tempted of severely nerfing this power. (Maybe by reducing its effect to anyone in Close contact with the caster.)
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Re: Holy aura is OP?

Fri 05 Aug 2022, 00:07

I don't think its particularly bad - you have to maintain concentration, you have to pass your Resolute Test every turn and you have to roll the damage die: you're not guaranteed of maxing it, and even taking the middle ground its 3pts - 5pts as you increase its level, Undead and Abominations tend to have quite high Toughness values (especially when you get to The Haunted Waste).

Also, they're not usually just standing there and taking it, they have attacks of their own, including ranged ones in some instance, and any enemy mystic with Unholy Aura cancels your ability out....

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