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Foundry VTT CSS

Wed 20 Jul 2022, 17:17

So with the Foundry modules you have the setting to turn the sheets back to the defaults used for 5e. Whe doing this it doesnt actually return it to the styling used by the default sheet. The text is way smaller and really hard to read. Can you not just do a modification and update so the sheet looks like the same except for adding that corruptions part to the sheet? This current state is very hard to read and the symbaroum sheets just got too much frill going on with the crazy fonts and sizes. (Default after hitting default 5e sheets in module settings)
vs (Actual Default 5e sheets)

and (Actual Default 5e sheets)
vs (Default after hitting default 5e sheets in module settings)

My eyes arent that bad but i still have a problem reading this. Please give us the option to actually have it match the formatting of the existing one without going in and doing all kinds of CSS fu to fix this.

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