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Throwing Knives

Wed 20 Jul 2022, 12:18

Hi all. I've a PC who would like to use throwing knives as his main ranged weapon. I'm happy to accommodate but I don't want it to get silly.

How would you handle it?

My current solution is:

Stats of a dagger, maximum of one attack during opening volleys (due to range) but can be used in rear stance. It's currently being used as it's own combat proficiency rather than a brawling attack.

Would you do it differently?

Also how do you handle thrown axes?
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Re: Throwing Knives

Wed 20 Jul 2022, 14:26

KNIVES ONLY. Well, if this was to be my house rule I would decide that it's a nice piece of flavour. And to be fair to other players give the skill some advantages and some disadvantages.
All of these are of course optional: and I would not include all of them!

Biggest disadvantage would be that damage / injury is likely to be small, certainly less than a thrown spear, and also carrying a lower Injury number than an arrow. One attempt only during Opening Volleys seems right as well (Your player isn't Danny Trejo from Desperado is he?). (You could rule that it is thrown last in an Opening Volley, but that is a tiny point.)

If you don't want this sort of thing to be too popular among your players, you could ask them to spend Adventure (experience) Points to raise Thrown Knife from zero to one in skill at character creation.

The biggest advantage is zero encumbrance/load surely.
You could rule that the edge is 9+ simply because it is thrown from so close up as well.

And you might like to import Skirmish stance for the knife thrower from Strider Mode as well.
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Re: Throwing Knives

Wed 20 Jul 2022, 16:53

Throwing knives:

- dagger stats.
- load 1 to reduce everyone flinging daggers.
- like your “use a separate skill” idea, again reduces risk of everyone chucking daggers around. Or maybe a virtue for using Brawling at full combat proficiency rather than -1D alongside some other small boost.

Throwing axes:
- feel appropriate to setting’s inspirations and technology level even if I can’t remember a canon example. Away in France, may well be some. And think these fit the setting even without a canon example.
- Don’t want to step on toes of spears, as part of the special nature of them is their versatility: one skill covers ranged and melee.
- Naturally only one use in opening volleys given range, whereas Bows will often get two or more shots in opening volleys.
- We could build on the cultural reward idea in the core rulebook, showcased by the archet bow. That way we pay a “reward tax” which helps with balance relative to spears. Perhaps with cool ways of unlocking it: prove yourself to the folk that use it, or win one in battle?
- I think Dunland raiders with throwing axes fit well: might be a signature of a particular tribe or region? Or maybe of a specific Beorning tribe. I considered woodmen as they use axes, but they’re noted bow users.
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Re: Throwing Knives

Thu 21 Jul 2022, 01:00

Some additional thoughts to keep *everyone* from reaching for these alternatives:
  • Rather than making the attack its own proficiency, link it to the Athletics skill and impose -1d (similar to Brawling).
  • The throwing knife or axe is a Reward, not a readily available piece of war gear, and therefore has unique stats/benefits not available to every player-hero.
  • It's not simply War Gear: the player needs to explain why their hero has that Reward.
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Re: Throwing Knives

Thu 21 Jul 2022, 12:07

Personally I would't allow an Opening Volley with a dagger. The range is too limited. Other than that, just use the Dagger skill, the weapon is low key as it is, with minimum damage and and piercing blow possibility. Heroes can carry as many daggers as seems fitting. But if you need a limit, I'd add 1 load per dagger after the third or so.
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Re: Throwing Knives

Mon 25 Jul 2022, 19:25

Personally I keep it quite simple. One of my players is a dwarf with a 2 handed axe and a couple of normal axes. I see a spear, like normal axes, can be thrown and presume if the characters efficiency is an axes they would also be training to throw them as well. If my player wants to throw his axe during the opening volleys I take range into consideration then. Throwing daggers, throwing axes, spares can really really only be thrown on the last round of opening Valleys as that's when theoretically the distance is closest.

Also my players have to remember to pick them up or they loose it. Also load rating as well especially for the dwarf character I referenced. So there are some trade offs.

For throwing daggers I would stat them to be high injury and low damage with Peirce as it's more where you hit not how many times your hit. But yes I agree with adding a load to stop them being thrown around to much.

That's my interpretation of throwing weapons.

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