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Shape Change

Sat 16 Jul 2022, 15:02

Hi guys, new to this forum and about to embark on my first campaign. The path of shape change, does all your equipment change with you? I have a druid player who wants to go this path and couldn't find the answer to this question.
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Re: Shape Change

Sat 16 Jul 2022, 15:26

It is not specified that it does so I think it's unlikely that it does. I would say this is left up to the interpretation of the GM. That being said, it's a R3 spell and unlikely to be accessed for some time. When they do get to it, the bigger concern is making sure you have the ability to change back.
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Re: Shape Change

Mon 25 Jul 2022, 17:03

When I ran Raven's Purge I allowed all equipment to be transformed, and also allowed unlimited size changing (within the conditions already mentioned in the rulebook). However, I would not run it this way if I did it again, because this spell can easily become extremely powerful.

I would rule that including your clothing and equipment increases the required power level of the spell. I would also rule that, by default, you transform in to a human-sized animal such as a dog or seal, and that transforming into anything significantly larger or smaller (like a bird or a cow) also increases the power level of the spell, perhaps more than one.

The reason for this is that, otherwise, this spell can be a complete get-out-of-jain free card for a druid. Literally! They could transform into a gnat and fly through the bars of any prison, into a fish and swim to the bottom of any lake, and still transform back with all their equipment intact. Increasing the power level makes the spell more taxing and more risky. I like forcing hard choices on players - sure, you can transform into a bird and escape from the flood waters, but...all your gear will be lost, and when you transform back you will be naked... (that's feels pretty in-character for a druid).

I personally did not require the spell to be re-cast to return to your natural form, although I think that's exactly what the rules require. I simply allowed the caster to return to normal at will. I think the re-casting requirement is pretty harsh. Also, the druid has lost most of their mental faculties, so I'm not sure how they are supposed to cast a spell when in animal form anyway.
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Re: Shape Change

Mon 25 Jul 2022, 17:14

The recasting requirement is the limiting factor. Losing most of your mental faculties means the GM could have you not remember your human life, depending on how long you're in that form for. Worse yet, not having the WP to change back...

The spell is not without cost and risk, though I do agree that there's nothing there that indicates your equipment changes.
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Re: Shape Change

Thu 28 Jul 2022, 23:07

I dont understand the issue with the out-of-jail thing. Why having your heroes getting problem doing cool stuff?
1) they can change form but the rest of the party not. Either he tries to help their mates or leave them, it wont be so easy, and even so, so what?
2) bounty hunters can be hired to get him back.
3) The use of the spell to get the humanoid form again is cool, when the character has only the WP to transform it's an arsh choice as you want for the players. No?

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