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Damage and Conditions max

Sat 16 Jul 2022, 01:16

I'm trying to figure out really how combat and damage works. How many hit points does a person have? Is it related to Physique for physical, Mental For mental? A ranged weapon that has a damage of 3, You roll agility and the weapon rating in dice. You can choose either to do damage or a condition with each success? Does that mean if you say get 6 successes that you could kill someone with a Physique of 4? I don't seem to be able to find this relationship in the Combat and Injuries section.

How does armor play into this? Does armor work per attack or is it expendable per encounter?

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Re: Damage and Conditions max

Sat 16 Jul 2022, 06:38

There are no hit points in this game. When you take damage you suffer conditions (either physical or mental). If a weapon does two damage, you get two conditions. The exact conditions to check off when you take damage is up to you, the names for the conditions are for flavour. When you have checked off all the conditions, you become broken and have to take a critical injury, A PC can take three conditions of each type before they have to take the broken conditions. NPCs have something called physical and mental toughness that determines how many conditions they can take before they become broken (a value of 1-3). Vaesen have their own list of conditions and effects. When you take a physical condition, you roll for armour, successes reduces the number of conditions taken.
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