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Case Generator Guidance

Fri 15 Jul 2022, 09:03

Hey all!

Really loving the idea of the case generator, it's really something I wish more games had in their rulebooks as the framework it can provide allows for some really engaging combinations of facts in cases.

I was just wondering about the sections for locations and clues.

Did you miss out some guidance on Case Table 4 on how many times to roll for locations? or is it purely giving you a location for the scene of the crime? The same goes for Case Table 5: Clues, is this meant to be used for each location generated? or are these clues for the whole case?
Each other section tells you how many times to roll for it's contents but it seems missing here.

(I know the proper answer is going to be use it however you see fit, I was just wondering how these sections were intended to be used)

Once again, thanks for the hard work you put into this.
I can't wait to run and play it!

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