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Equestrian, Horse Combat and Read

Sun 03 Jul 2022, 03:06

Hello everyone.
I've only been playing Symbaroum for a short time and three questions have come to my mind. Let's see if someone can help me:
- In the equestrian skill if you are a master, in a summary attack you have +1D6(Novice) and +1D10(Master) to the damage or only +1D10?
- If you are on horseback and attack someone on the ground, do you have an advantage?
- Ambria is a civilization of oral tradition, but do the characters know how to read or if they don't have Loremaster, don't you know how to read?
- With a long weapon, do you gain a free attack against everyone who engages in combat with you? Or only with the first one each turn? Obviously if the enemy does not also have a long weapon.


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Re: Equestrian, Horse Combat and Read

Mon 04 Jul 2022, 21:20

- Skill levels that apply the same type of effect don't tend to stack, so its +1d10 instead of +1d6 (see Iron Fist for example). I can understand the confusion though, it doesn't say "instead of" like the Skill descriptions normally do.

- Advantage is situational. Attacking an enemy on lower ground gives you Advantage, so if you're on horseback, fighting someone below you gives you advantage. But if you're fighting something huge that matches or exceeds your height on the, you don't have it,

- Loremaster is focussed on understanding the arcane properties of artifacts etc by knowing legends, languages and texts from different cultures. and piecing together the story of an object through research in those areas, it isn't required for literacy. The Cunning attribute covers education and learning (amongst other things), the book specifically notes a low cunning as potentially representing a lack of education. A Loremaster would obviously be fully literate. For anyone else, its down to their background and/or their Cunning stat. The adventures seem to assume at least basic literacy though...Wrath of the Warden's standard opening begins with the PCs receiving a letter....

- "one Free Attack each Turn", so just once (but again, I can see how the English could be read differently...) - multiple targets require Polearm Mastery at Adept.

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