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Foundry modules for ToT?

Posted: Fri 01 Jul 2022, 18:08
by Leijon
So, after the summer it is finally time to start up our Symbaroum campaign. We will be using some form av online platform and the logical choice is of course Foundry. I bought the modules the other day and I realise that there does not seem to be any content from the Throne of Thorne campaign.

I have searched around a bit and I am guessing that there is no official modules for te campaign or am I missing something? Is there any official plans to add them?

Re: Foundry modules for ToT?

Posted: Mon 04 Jul 2022, 13:55
by Rangertheman
I've seen on Discord that they're in the works, but no ETA.

Re: Foundry modules for ToT?

Posted: Sun 14 Aug 2022, 23:41
by hardolaf
For running ToT on Foundry VTT, the only major annoyance is the lack of properly scaled and cropped images for easy import. But that's an issue not just for Foundry but for every VTT out there. Many third party modules make images available of maps with the grid in the map aligned to the edges of the image, but sadly that wasn't provided for ToT yet.