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Weapons - a customized option

Posted: Sun 26 Jun 2022, 02:40
by Grimwood
Just throwing this out because I think weapons need some expanding and I am old school and like damage die and costs in terms similar to GP.

p-primitive i-improvised e-powered m-melee r-ranged sa-sidearm lg-longgun

m-p/i Club d6 -1 10-15
m-e Club riot d6 +1 25-40
m-p/i Combat Gloves d4 -1 +1p 50-75
m-e Combat Gloves d4 +1 +1p 100-150
m-p/i Dagger d6 -1 150
m-e Dagger d6 +1 200
m-p/i Knife d4 20

This is just the start of the list I am thinking of using... costs are in Chinyen, but I am not sure I have the street value economic stuff right yet.
Powered weapons discharge an electric shock, and require power packs that cost extra to replace...

Having fun with just some customization that I may or may not use. Open to any constructive criticism or encouragement to post more... I have equipment, commodities, chems, armor, augmentations, transport, relics/rarities lists in various stages of development. G