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Two Questions re: Repairing items

Thu 23 Jun 2022, 18:31

1 - Does repairing an item require any resources? For example, do you need wood to repair a bow?

2 - Say you have a bow to repair that is currently at 0/2 gear dice. If you fail it is not able to be repaired but if you only get one success to bring it to a +1 can you take another chunk of time to try to fully repair it?
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Re: Two Questions re: Repairing items

Fri 24 Jun 2022, 22:01

1 - all that is needed are the tools and talents required to make the gear if it is advanced (see page 52 call out box). In the case of the bow that bowyer. You might be fixing the string, the grip, etc.

2 - I think the key phrase is if the roll fails the gear is reduced to current level. That implies you can repair again, taking a few hours, to try to repair to full. As a rule of thumb I have the crafter roll a d6 for number of hours it takes to repair gear. Good rolls mean they can repair several items in a quarter day.

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