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Winter's Tale question

Posted: Sun 19 Jun 2022, 00:52
by tak5haka
I'm looking through the new Seasons of Mystery PDF (can't wait for the actual books to arrive!) for potential future Mysteries and I am intrigued by the fourth one, A Winter's Tale.

As I'm a bit possessed with timelines, I was wondering if there was any further information about the "Midwinter Blot" mentioned in the invitation? I have done a little bit of research on it, but all I can find seems to point towards something that takes place around the 12th of January (Julian calendar), which seems quite a long way off if the invitation mentions the 20th of December as the arrival date?

Hoping someone with a bit more knowledge about this might shed some light on this for me as I like to keep my calendars straight :)

*Edit* - I notice that 20th December is the start of Yule - could it be that this just needs to be changed in the invite to reflect this?

Thanks in advance.