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Alchemist's supplies vs Field Laboratory

Sat 18 Jun 2022, 23:22

What's the difference between Alchemist's supplies and a Field Laboratory (besides price and weight)? Is there something that one can do and not the other? Why is a 'field' something heavier than the basic Alchemist's supplies? I would have thought that it would be a more portable kit but with less possible uses or the inability to create some alchemical elixirs (that would require the Alchemist's supplies).
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Re: Alchemist's supplies vs Field Laboratory

Sun 19 Jun 2022, 16:02

So far I understand it's like:

1) Alchemist's supplies - basic semi-product, one-time use components, etc. non-specific to any elixir.

2) Field Laboratory - mini LAB in suitcase.

3) Herbalism Kit - things related to antitoxins and healing potions, it can be used also to identify herbs, herb related sickness, etc.

To make elixir you need some sort of Laboratory, it can be stationary one in city or [Field Laboratory]. You need also [Alchemist's supplies] and "Elixir specific supplies" (cost half of ready elixir). You can also substitute "Elixir specific supplies" with one downtime day of gathering. And if elixir you made is antitoxin or healing potion you also need proficiency with [Herbalism Kit] (but you don't need kit itself).

But be warned it's look like [Alchemist's supplies] can be leftover from earlier version of game. But for me this complicated requirements for alchemy works is what feet me. To extend I make in my games some house rule that make [Herbalism Kit] mandatory if you want gather supplies instead buying them.

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