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[Homebrew] Taser Web Rifle (from Aliens Colony War and Aliens Rogue)

Posted: Mon 06 Jun 2022, 03:29
by InHarmsWay ... nd_aliens/

Weyland-Yutani Taser Web Rifle

In the race towards researching xenomorph, Weyland-Yutani developed numerous tools to aid their contractors in capturing xenomorph specimens. This newest weapon is known plainly as the Weyland-Yutani Specimen Apprehension Device. Though most contractors will call it the Taser Web Rifle, mockingly, the SAD cannon due to the unfortunate Weyland-Yutani name. This cannon requires to be set up on a tripod before it can be fired accurately. This pressurized-gas-powered cannon fires canisters that open to release Kevlar nets. These nets are weighted by heavy metal balls to prevent the captured target from escaping the net. Once a specimen is entangled in the net, the operator takes out a remote control that activates the high voltage lines within the Kevlar net. The voltage of the net can be adjusted on the remote. The electricity is strong enough to incapacitate a xenomorph for hours but is deadly for humans.

Weyland-Yutani Taser Web Rifle

Bonus: Tripod

Damage: -

Range: Medium

Weight: 4

Cost: $2000

Comment: Single Shot

Tripod: This weapon usually requires to be set up on a tripod to fire accurately. If set up, the weapon gives a +2 Modification to Ranged Combat rolls with the weapon. If it fired without setting up the tripod, it gives a -2 Modification to Ranged Combat rolls with the weapon. It takes a Fast Action to set up or fold up the tripod.

Voltage Remote

Weight: 1/4

Cost: Included with Taser Net Rifle

Effect: Voltage Control

Voltage Control: This remote can adjust voltage level and turn it on and off. These actions require a Fast Action.

Electric Kevlar Net Canister

Damage: Low Voltage, High Voltage

Armour: 4

Weight: 1/2

Cost: $200

Comment: Power Supply 1, Multiple Captures, Grappled

Grappled: When a person is captured, they must make a Mobility (-1 Modification) roll to attempt to escape the net. If they are being shocked at the same time, and they are not stunned, the Mobility roll takes a -3 Modification. If the person has a blade weapon, such as a knife, they get a +1 Modification added to any previous Modification. A captured xenomorph will make any attack it can (roll its signature attacks until it rolls an attack) to escape. Once any damage bypasses the net’s armour, the xenomorph will escape and the net’s destroyed.

Multiple Captures: The net can capture up to two stage-five or below xenomorphs or three humans so long as they are within Engaged range of each other.

Low Voltage: Stun (-2 Stamina roll). This effect will apply to any character moving to help the trapped character and touch the net or person. No effect to xenomorphs.

High Voltage: Incapacitates stage-five or below xenomorphs. Xenomorph will be unconscious for one Shift. Stage-six and above xenomorphs must make an attack roll (roll signature attack until an attack with damage is rolled). If any damage bypasses the net’s armour, the net will be destroyed and the xenomorph will be free. Towards humans, the net will inflict 12 Base Dice, Damage 1, to the captured victim(s) per Round it is active. Stun (-2) effect. The character must make If another character tries to help the trapped person and touches them or the net, they will suffer the same damage (-4 Base Dice to the original roll) and Stun (-2) effect. They will only escape the damage if they make a Mobility roll and let go of the trapped person or net. The net will keep shocking until it fails a Supply roll.