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Battlegroup Blue - Campaigning in Post-Exchange USSR

Thu 02 Jun 2022, 05:45

I am currently working on an extended campaign pack for TW2000 4th Edition which initially starts around northern Lake Baikal and involves the inmates of a large GUPVI (POW) camp 'escaping' and arming themselves from a large local stgockpile of WW2 era weapons ...

Echoing the exploits of the Czech Legion from WW1 they are organising themselves to 'Escape to the West' ... so far I have written 160 pages which includes details on the region, including Severobaikalsk Town and three other Settllements to the west as far as Ust-Kut on the Baikal Amur Mainline.

Material included so far -- The Widening Gyre (the Chelyabinsk Clique [the current regime in charge of most of the USSR) plus the Northern Fleet, the Far Eastern and South East Strategic Directions which are currently not obeying orders from Chelyabinsk and regional Rebellions (Chechens, Baikal, Baltics, Caucasus, and the 'Stans.

The Blood Dimmed Tide -- More on the Chelyabinsk Clique and their anti-POW orders,

POWs & Gulags -- More on POWs and Gulags in the USSR,

Severobaikalsk Camp -- Details on the camp organisation, including detailed keyed maps.

What Rough Beast -- How and why the Camp rebels ... with PC participation. Inlcudes the assault on the Severobaikalsk BAM RR Station and Militsiya (Police) Station with detailed keyed maps,

The Potemkin Facility -- The local Army Training facility and the Strategic Reserve stockpile, including details and maps of Nizhneangarsk Village (north of Severobaikalsk) with detailed keyed maps of theVillage, Army Base and Stockpile facility.

Armoured & Other Trains -- Details of Armoured Trains for use in TW2000 as there are two in the Reserve (and several 'ordinary' ones) as well as Rolling Stock.

Baikal & Siberia -- The local political and military situation including the Mongolian People's Republic, the Baikal People's Army (the armed rebel wing of the nascent Buryat Mongol Republic -- anti-Chelyabinsk rebels), the Siberian Military District TO&E,

Battlegroup Blue -- A Brigade sized POW manned combat and support unit equipped from the Soviet strategic reserve stockpiles with WW2 era gear (Sherman Tanks, White Half tracks, GMC Trucks and Sovier WW2 and early post war smallarms and artillery). Includes the attack on Ul'Kan, the first important settlement along the BAM to the West with detailed town and RR station maps, folliowed by an attack on Magistral'nyy, a bigger BAM settlement further west (also with detailed Town Map, and detailed maps of the Militsiya Station, BAM RR Station and DOSAAF (Militia base) areas.

The last part of the book is tentatively titled Interregnum and covers the campaign to take Ust-Kut -- a major city further west and the first one to be heavily defended by scratch Soviet forces -- this will be an area control game within a game which will be based around small unit actions aimed at securing the approaches to Ust-Kut and forcing the surrender of its small garrison.

Indeed, all of the actions detailed are aimed at small unit PC based actions.

Currentlt at 160 pages I estimate that completing this will require in excess of 200 pages, probably closer to 240. And this will only be the first book in the series -- at least one more will be required and will probably run to a similar number of pages.

The campaign is aimed at those GMs and players who may want something more than a series of unrelated encounters confined to the howling wildernesses of either Sweden or Poland -- and who might like the opportunity ravage the Soviet heartlands!

Hopefully the first book will be available by the end of June, but it may take longer ... perhaps late July.

As with all my Community Projects for TW200 price will be approximnately 9-10c per page which is definitely on the value for money end of things ...

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Re: Battlegroup Blue - Campaigning in Post-Exchange USSR

Sat 04 Jun 2022, 22:14

Damn, talk about one hell of setting and work you are doing. Good luck with it and hope it sells well.
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Re: Battlegroup Blue - Campaigning in Post-Exchange USSR

Sun 03 Jul 2022, 03:56

I love that!! Will def purchase when it's out. Good luck!

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