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Modern Encounters Book

Posted: Thu 02 Jun 2022, 05:07
by aspqrz
This book provides a comprehensive system for de­scrib­ing game region(s) and is compatible with TW2000 (though it replaces its Encounter System) and determining Encounters that may occur, planned or random so you can quickly set up campaigns outside of the Polish or Swedish areas included in the Boxed set.

Encounters are detailed in generic terms and large num­ber of detailed Encounters based on these are also provided -- and these include additional infor­m­at­ion to allow them to be further customised or to create custom encounters of the same general type.

The systems described herein may be used to describe the war affected areas of the world immediately prior to as well as after The Exchange.

RtA: The Fourth Horseman and RtA: Cardboard Characters are stand alone versions of two key chapters from this Book covering diseases in more detail and a systematic way of including and describing pre-made NPCs as needed in your game, and may be purchased separately.

All are available as part of the Community Program on DriveThru RPG.

Re: Modern Encounters Book

Posted: Thu 02 Jun 2022, 14:33
by Vcutter
This looks interesting. You have fairly extensive 10 page preview on drivethru.
However, I still wasn’t able to find an actual example encounter in those 10pages.
Would it be possible for you to post one encounter here?

Re: Modern Encounters Book

Posted: Thu 02 Jun 2022, 15:36
by aspqrz
This is the generic entry for one of the Encounter Results (cut and pasted from page #25) ...

BANDITS (Pages #65-66)

Small groups of individuals who live outside the law, this covers a several different encounter possibilities. They vary from bands of robbers who roam the less settled areas of any geographical region preying on unwary travellers to seemingly “innocent” villagers by day who are in fact bandits by night.

They are, however, not universally criminal in nature - they know what (and who) the law is, but flout it for
a variety of reasons.

While some are criminals, others are what could be called politicals – they often belong to a sub-class that is oppressed by a occupying against whose oppressive
laws they have rebelled.

While the former are universally untrustworthy, the latter may be potential allies or sources of information - depending on who you're working for!

The main distinguishing feature between Bandits and Brigands is a combination of the size and cohesiveness of the group and the degree to which they are
being actively hunted down by local authorities.

Bandits tend to be small bands of convenience without an acknowledged leader and are generally on the run from at least a semi-organized hunt for them.

This lack of leadership and discipline works against their military weapons and experience with them – they prefer “easy pickings” in the form of small
parties of travellers and small merchant convoys, and will avoid (to the point of dispersing in flight) large military units if at all possible.

If a charismatic or dominant leader gains control of a group of Bandits, he may well be able to weld it into a band of Brigands.

Number: 2d6 Type: GR (80)/T (20)
Weapons: Civilian (70), Military (30)
Transport: Foot (40), Horse [or animal] (40), Wheel (20)

Re: Modern Encounters Book

Posted: Thu 02 Jun 2022, 15:44
by aspqrz
This is one of the two detailed Bandit Encounters (page #65) also cut and pasted ...


The so-called Kearny Gang (the family name may be changed as appropriate for the local language and/or ethnicity) is actually an extended family of good for nothings who are known for their scofflaw attitudes.

In the years of the 3WW? Well, the authorities did give several family members a choice between gaol and military service, which is why the number of gang
members is relatively small.

Numbers: 5 (1 Average/Trained, 2 Average/Green, 1 Low Average/Trained, 1 Low Average/Green) Bandits.

In the middle period of the war, numbers remain the same but returning wounded family members change the makeup to 1 A/T, 1 A/G, 3 LoA/T. Late in the war it becomes 1 A/T, 4 LoA/T.
A tougher group would have +1 A/T character instead of a LoA/G or LoA/T one.

Weapons: 1 Simonov SKS Carbine (100 rounds), 2 Mossberg M500 ATP8S Pump Action Shotguns (40 rounds each), 1 Savage 311R Double Barrelled Shotgun (20 rounds), 1 Colt M1911a1 Automatic Pistol (40 rounds), 2 Colt Police Positive Revolvers (30 rounds each), 1 PM Makarov Automatic Pistol (20 rounds).

If you want a tougher group, then increase the number of SKSs (mid-war), or even make some (or all) of them SKKs (late war) as law and order breaks down. A doubling of ammunition for the Carbines would also make the group somewhat tougher, especially for the SKKs which could be converted for automatic fire.

An unexpectedly tough variant would be to give them a dozen sticks of dynamite to use as crude grenades.

Transport: 1 X Country Motorcycle, 1 Mdm Pickup. Mid war this remains the same, but late war the group is reduced to one X Country Motorcycle and two horses or mules for riding. The remaining gang member(s) will either be on foot or bicycle or riding double on one horse or the motorcycle. A slightly tougher gang would have two Mopeds instead of the Horses.

Base: The Kearny’s have a run down farmhouse somewhere nearby that they use as a semi-permanent base for their activities. They don’t all live there – though Joe, the nominal leader, does.

Before and after a “job” they do tend to gather here to drink, gamble and relax.

Motivation(s): These guys are mainly petty troublemakers – small time thieves, random vandals, and drunken brawlers. At least, that’s what they’re like at\ the beginning of the 3WW.

As the war progresses and as people in general become more deprived and desperate ... at the same time as local law enforcement is being cut back and/or overwhelmed, well, the Kearny’s graduate to somewhat bigger things ... extortion, robbing lone travellers, cattle rustling, hijacking or theft of relief supplies.

They’re not very organized at it – and therefore not very good at it – because they don’t have a real leader.

Joe, the A/T level character is the closest they have, and he’s only in charge because he slightly bigger, tougher, and somewhat more skilled at killing than the brothers, nephews and cousins who form the rest of the gang.

The only advantage they have is that they do come from a large family, and this has always helped them as times get tough(er) ... so, if they need a place to hide, some medical assistance or some (limited) resupply they can get something along the lines locally.

Goodies: The Kearny’s aren’t all that well off – they’re really small time operators. Their most valuable possessions, as far as any PC group is concerned, will probably be their weapons and transport (and the ammo and fuel that may be left over for them).

The main exceptions are the Small Still that Joe operates back at their “base” ... for moonshine as much as for fuel ... and Farm Tractor of dubious reliability.

He does also have a combined battery/wind up radio, some NiMh batteries for it and a few other small electrical/electronic items (a torch, for example) and a Solar Battery recharger.

He also has a dozen chickens, a couple of pigs, and a milk cow as well as a workhorse or mule in the post- Exchange period.

I hope these give some idea of the possibilities,

Phil McGregor

Re: Modern Encounters Book

Posted: Fri 03 Jun 2022, 09:47
by sgt
Please can we have a link to the product?

Re: Modern Encounters Book

Posted: Fri 03 Jun 2022, 10:04
by aspqrz
Sure ... ... light-2000

... note that, while it *seems* expensive it's about 10 cents per page whereas most recent Community Program suppolements tend to be 20-30c pp!

It also includes files needed to print through Lulu (Community Program titles cannot do PoD through DTRPG) for those like me who prefer something physical in one's hands.

Phil McGregor