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Foundry VTT Ruins of Symbaroum

Tue 31 May 2022, 02:12

I have to say I'm a bit unimpressed so far with this Foundry VTT set compared to the other Free League releases. I had to manually import all the items from the journal into the items menu and actors menu. The origins, backgrounds and classes are not sorted.
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Re: Foundry VTT Ruins of Symbaroum

Tue 07 Jun 2022, 10:59

That's not true. All RoS modules have an automated content Import
When you activate modules, they show the following dialogs:

If you mean "Actors are not copied from the Compendium to the World" - it was done on purpose for performance reasons (the more actors/items you have in the world, the longer it loads and slower for players). It's always better to have everything in Compendiums and import only stuff you need for the game.

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