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My take on the main RoS Map

Sun 29 May 2022, 19:59


I find The Lore of Symbaroum fascinating, and having a FoundryVTT DnD 5e group it was just natural to be part of the KS for RoS.

Now, preparing on the campaign to run over Foundry, I've found that some of the maps pose some difficulties if I want to use them as hexcrawlers or whatever specific need I have in mind for my campaign. And I think that is OK, as the disclosure is "you can use it as the guideline or the baseline and then build upon it. Also, as DM one mostly ends up "homebrewing" or "customizing" the provided materials.

This one is as seen from Players View, some exploring in Ambria so far:


Second image is the WIP map to be revealed.


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