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6 solo sessions and a long combat

Posted: Sun 29 May 2022, 08:17
by Rasmus Nord
Hello all

You can now find six sessions of my solo-game on my blog. This includes a combat of 12 rounds, which I think serves as a decent game example. I don't record all the rolls, but I think there are many good examples still.

The game feels very vital where every roll is dramatic.

You can start here: ... lisz-solo/

Or go straight to the combat... ... marauders/ ... s-part-2/ ... rs-part-3/

Re: 6 solo sessions and a long combat

Posted: Fri 10 Jun 2022, 22:45
by Raellus
Very cool. I like the mix of rules-speak, third person narrative, and snippets of PC dialogue. I too am running a solo campaign and you've inspired me to doll it up a bit and serialize it. I'll probably post it in the Creative Writing sub-forum on the T2k forum. If you haven't visited before, I invite you to do so: