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Community Ideas for our adventure

Sat 28 May 2022, 19:07

Follow up to this post:

So we had one player unable to make this session but it worked out well as his character had put on a performance at the Prancing Pony in the previous session and with some random rolls a mysterious adventurer that had just scored a haul at the Barrow Downs was present and tipped him a "small treasure" which ended up being a Silver Necklace with Sapphires that appeared to be Elven made (More on this in a bit).

So the party awoke still travelling along the Greenway on their way to the Sarn Ford where the Lodge was rumored to be located along the southern bank somewhere, they noticed that one of their companions was missing.

After locating the long abandoned lodge and clearing some corrupted rats and spiders, they then hid as they heard a lost goblin patrol break through the brush outside the lodge. The group chose to remain hidden and stealthed up knowing that they were unable to do any damage to the armored goblins (house rule for our all hobbit party).

With some clever rolling and assistance from the Elven ghost that guards the lodge (in form of grasping vines and roots) they were able to take out a few of the goblins before reinforcements arrived! The party was in a panic as they evading advancing attacks from the goblins, a few accumulated some shadow points for roleplaying their characters fear and dread, potentially inevitable doom! But when the odds were stacked against them and their backs were against the wall, Halbarad the Ranger from starter adventure that they had assisted with the Stone Troll and Bullroarer's Club had heard that a group of hobbits had set out to find the long abandoned Westbrook Ranger Lodge and began following their trail, and together the group and the Ranger defeated the rest of the goblins.

After a nights rest I explained to the group that this Lodge is definitely a fixer upper with several areas needing repair, but if they restored a section of the lodge they would receive a buff of some sort.

a. Dining Hall
b. Fireplace
c. Kitchen
d. Cellar
e. General Store
f. Library
g. Stairway
h. 2nd Floor Bedrooms

a. Porch
b. Signage
c. Roadway
d. Well
e. Vineyard
f. Orchard/Garden
g. Stable
h. Pond

The group all agreed that their first order of business should be finding their missing member, and the best way to get information at this point is to travel back to Bree and ask around and while they're at it they chose to begin staffing and repairing the Dining Hall and General Store sections of the Lodge and decided they wanted to recruit an Elf as a manager so off to Rivendell they planned.

This is where our session ended.

At this point I intend to somehow blend the "Elven Necklace" into the "Star of the Mist" scenario. When they locate their missing party member he will be caged up at a bandit camp.

Any other ideas? Please and Thank you!

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