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I am known as Lux, my real name is scott. I have had my hands in a lot of things here is a summary
1986 - rfirst played advanced dungeons and dragons
as a gifted enrichment student studied the following
1987 - full access to the library whenever i wanted, mostly read about war
1988 - began weekly accelerated enrichment
1989 - first listened to metal, obtained and nearly beat starflight2
1990 - LARP at school, was a full fledged gamer, parents did not allow me a nintendo, got to read my friends copy of the early alien rpg
1991 - the apex of me designing games on my floor, unfortunately i was not so good at making official rules
1992 - moved from Wellington to Muskoka, obsessed with basketball. was left off the team due to height, won public school free throw competition with 78%
1993 - was deep into reading high fantasy, listening to alt and grunge rock, would read for days and nights.
1994 - started high school, began watching loud was into orchestral stuff, metallica, led zeppelin, jimi hendrix also liked punk and loved jazz. the first song i heard on cassette was another one bites the dust, tto first tape i borrowed off my folks was the beatles the first tape i bought was siamese dream - smashing pumpkins. began smoking. didnt fit in few friends
1995 - apex of my hockey career finished 2nd in ontario as a member of Harley Davidson selects 56gp 23g 50+a 78?pts +20s 256pim suspended from 16 games due to fighting (rw) #11, also played left defense and filled in at goalie the year previous bcuz we never had backup goalies
1996 - onset of bipolar 2 disorder. asked to not go to school for two years -- refused. was hospitalized in a childrens mental ward. made some new accepting friends when i returned to school. became obsessed with korn. was playing sega genesis, xcom apocalypse,starcraft, designing magic decks for people, writing poetry, majoring in the humanties
1997 -averaged 78 and made the second honour roll after coming back to school
1998 - served as a peer helper, specially assigned as hallway monitor/assistant
1999 - graduated with advanced credits and a 69 average from hhs in january
2000 - kept volunteering and working at a summer camp
2001 - began working for the Ministry of Culture and Heritage
2002 - moved to Niagara
2003 - began playing as Tyranids in warhammer 40k
2004 - health began to stabilize after multiple psychiatric hospitalizations
2005 - ??? began volunteering for Gateway in Welland ???
2006 - began my search for a real home
2007 - continued my struggles with alcohol
2008 - understood but couldnt play bass guitar properly due to hand tremors
played mechwarrior clix game collected all of the steel wolves faction
2009 - ran a dnd group for teenagers using version 3.5
2013 - hired by Goodwill
2022 - trying to survive covid19

i am 42 years old
i am 6' 220
i am of mixed european ethnicity and a
citizen native of Canada
thanks for letting me join
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Welcome to the forum.
“Thanks for noticin' me.” - Eeyore

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