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Tue 24 May 2022, 13:29

I am very interested in doing crossovers. If youre interested please let me know
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Re: crossovers

Wed 25 May 2022, 04:25

Can you elaborate more ... what is you have in mind for crossovers ...

are you looking for some help ... are you looking for players ...

tell us more about your idea.
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Re: crossovers

Wed 25 May 2022, 15:40

It would be a combined scenario with some home homebrew elements. Alot of it would depend on the setting
I usually mix other aliens in.
these things can be alot of fun.
by crossover I mean three or more groups
they are most fun with a mixed group of veteran players.

Lets see ive done...

a tyranid and xenomorph one

really want to do a yuatja one

the essence is to have multiple groups of aliens and/or human players

usually it takes more prep but can be surprisingly fun

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