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Swedish prototype weapons

Posted: Wed 13 Apr 2022, 15:26
by DanielR
I am searching for stats about the swedish prototype weapons GRAM 61, GRAM 63 and FM1957/FM57, since I am trying to translate them into the realms of Twilight: 2000's alternate timeline.
I only seem to find info about weight, mag size, ammo type and such, but nothing about rate of fire and effective range.
Please tell me that there are some gun nerds out there with more information about these rarities?

Re: Swedish prototype weapons

Posted: Sat 16 Apr 2022, 00:10
by paladin2019
The easiest answer is to simply use G3 or FAL stats. Since these rifles are statistically identical, it stands to reason the other prototypes aren't that much different from the perspective of the game's level of granularity. You may want to tweak the damage slightly to account for the 6.5mm variants, but with 7.62 NATO at 3/4 and 5.56 at 2/3, I'm don't think the game engine even has enough granularity for that.

Re: Swedish prototype weapons

Posted: Sat 23 Apr 2022, 22:10
by DanielR
Tack för hjälpen!
Fick även med de svenska vapenprototyperna nu ... ht-Weapons