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Our first Mystery, "The Gold Within", is live on DrivethruRPG!

Tue 29 Mar 2022, 22:46

We've been loving a few of the passion projects posted on DriveThruRPG for Vaesen, and we decided to start making our own. Our first Mystery is now for sale (link below)! Our group had a really fun time with this bit of personal horror focused around a twisted version of the Will O' Wisp.

Here's the description: "A ghostly light haunts the forest near the traveling carnival. A cat grows into a feral predator. A charlatan fleeces the honest townsfolk of Willisburg. How does it all connect, and will the investigators manage to put together all the pieces? In the carnival where everyone gets what they wish, perhaps the Society will have cause to regret their dreams."

We're super thrilled to get feedback from the Vaesen community, so please share any comments/reviews here or on the store page. We're hoping to put out a few more Mysteries based on our ongoing campaign, so criticism is welcome! :) ... _community

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