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New Archetypes

Thu 24 Mar 2022, 11:21

So one of my players remarked that there wasn't much variety in the archetypes available and it got me thinking.....maybe they're right maybe the list is non-exhaustive and more will come but I thought about 19th Century professions and job and came up with the following which needs further fleshing out.

Yes I understand that both Surgeon and Psychiatrist/Psychologist are similar to Doctor,
Criminal is similar to Vagabond,
Soldier is similar to Officer,
Survivalist is similar to Hunter,
Scientist is similar to Doctor,
Industrialist is similar to Socialite,
Dancer is similar to Athlete.

Does anybody else have further Archetypes they use? My list already includes the work done in Mythic Britain (Free League), Mythic Quebec (ED Lazure), Mythic France (ED Lazure) & The Supernatural Treasure Hunt (Morten Greis) by others. Credit given in ().


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