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Vehicle Ammo Cooking Off

Sat 19 Mar 2022, 16:43

First, some background to this topic. I was playing "Combat Mission: Black Sea" today (tactical computer wargame of Ukraine + NATO vs Russia) and something very dramatic happened. About eight infantry were in a building and an IFV was parked next to it. The IFV took a hit, was knocked out, and started to burn. Knowing this game well I knew that the ammo could start cooking off very soon, and any subsequent secondary explosions had a good chance of flattening the building it was parked next to. I ordered the men to exit the building and run like hell for cover further away but they were all shaken by the explosion that knocked out the vehicle and so couldn't move immediately. Eventually they started to obey my orders and run for it but a two-man anti-tank team was a bit slower than the others at recovering from being shaken and didn't make it in time. They got out of the building and were just passing the burning vehicle when a huge secondary explosion went off. The building collapsed into rubble and one of the team was incapacitated but the other made it to safety.

This is just the sort of dramatic situation that would be great to throw at players of T2K4 as they would have to first realise the danger they were in and then get to safety before the vehicle ammo started cooking off, but it's hard to replicate in the game. In the RAW, ammo compartment hit explosions occur at the same time as the hit occurs. In addition, fuel hits may set the vehicle ablaze but it is just destroyed by fire after one Stretch. There is no chance of the fire spreading to the ammunition. It seems a shame to not be able to replicate this moment as it was pretty exciting trying to get those men to safety. How would you modify the RAW to replicate such a situation?

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