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Re: About Foundry VTT.

Wed 16 Mar 2022, 07:31

I mean it's more than 50% of the original product, just to get it essentially scanned into digital form
Oh, no. No, no. This most definitely is NOT what you are getting when you buy the VTT module. There is a whole lot more functionality in the VTT modules for all the FL games with Foundry. A whole lot which requires a lot of work to build, test and put out there. And they're regularly updated and honed without anymore cost to the buyer. And that's what you're paying for. Not an "essentially scanned into digital form."

I understand that it's more than you want to pay, though, so you could spend your time inputting all the info into Foundry. I found that my time was worth more than my money and the added cost for the VTT module was waaaaay worth it. Plus I'm hopeless as programming and APIs and such so I would never be able to attain the functionality that buying the Module got me.
Ah, yes, but I only use less than half of that functionality.

Like I said, I basically just use it as a Map with icons I can move around.

I don't use it as a virtual game where I roll dice and open rules and add counters and whatever.

What I'm asking for is either a discounted price for those of us who bought the hardcopy items loooooooooooooooooooong before VTT was even a thing for FL games (as a kind of "thank you", maybe, from FL?) or a "light" version of the VTT modules aimed at those of us who don't want to play online, but rather just use it as a convenient tool supplementing the actual physical game. (so, no rulebook, no pre-made npc's, no dice rolls, no deep functionality, just the maps, icons, and some of that other more "shallow" stuff).

Honestly, like I said, it doesn't feel like it's worth the money for me since I already bought the physical hardcopies.
And in the future, I might just forgo the hardcopy and buy VTT, print the rules and use it that way, since I'm usually the only one looking in the rulebooks anyway.

Point is that, as a long loyal customer, I feel kind of cheated with this whole push for VTT compatibility being pushed into bundle forms which excludes those of us who have already paid a lot of money to FL.
Now we'll have to miss out on those discounted VTT's because they're in bundles (for old products!) and not available in any form of discount for loyal customers.

I get bundles for new games. I do.
Hell, I even get bundles for old games when it comes to package deals for the full range of hardcopy items.
What I don't get is a completely new medium being bundled into old products without any form of appreciation for long standing customers who have invested a lot of money into the company.
It just seems. I don't know. It seems like they don't care about their old and loyal customers, to me.
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Re: About Foundry VTT.

Sat 30 Apr 2022, 16:41

In a way i agree with you, i have all the hard copies, and the foundry stuff but i cant just get the foundry chariot of the gods. i dont need the starter set as i have the full rules on vtt.
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Re: About Foundry VTT.

Thu 16 Jun 2022, 20:39

Its under $100 for all the VTT stuff and purchasing everything in bundle form only saves you $33 total... not really sure what there is to complain about.
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Re: About Foundry VTT.

Thu 30 Jun 2022, 07:04

You could also just use the maps in the PDFs (or scan the physical books) and just use Owlbear Rodeo or something lighter.

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