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”Legendary” items

Thu 03 Mar 2022, 12:04

I was wondering if anyone has any good artifacts they have created for their campaigns that would be willing to share.

I have made a few, most of these as a new DM so I kinda went overboard..

Odins eye, it gives a guaranteed success when searching for visual clues, but if you as DM roll a 1 they lose that eye.

Bark from a Askefroa, it gives +4 when healing someone, but should the DM roll a 1 it automatically turns into one of the 60+ dice rolls.

Holy shotgun, for every exceeding dice it took to break an opponent, you can add 10 to the Critical roll. If the DM rolls 1 you take the same amount of damage as mental damage.
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Re: ”Legendary” items

Sat 02 Apr 2022, 11:43

I create two artefacts for a small campaign I want to master for my players.

The first is the "Vaesen Stone":

A small carved heart made of the wood from an ash tree that was once inhabited by a ash tree wife with a rock crystal bound to it.

The wearer gains the power to hold vasen at distance. (check logic or empathy against the might of the veasen) If the bearer of the Vaesen Stone scores more success the Vaesen cant get in touch distance to the bearer.

In addition the Vaesen Stone gives the talents „Nine Lives“ and „Sixth Sense“ but all this comes at a cost.

The Vaesen Stone attracts Dragons and Giants and even worser its powers are usless against them. If the Bearer comes in the territory of a Dragon or a Giant the Vaesen Stone lost all ist powers and acts as a bright shining beacon for this type of Vaesens.

The second is the „Sword of the blind King“

Its an usefull but evil viking sword (D2/R0/B+2/A-/S CC), covered in nordic runes. During it´s manufacturing the hot iron of the edge was hardend in the blood of an Were Wolf. The grip is bound in leather from the skin of an Lindworm.

The „Sword of the blind King“ has the ability to hurt vaesen wich cant hurt by normal Weapons and can kill Banshees. It is incredible sharp and each time it´s scores a critical injury roll a d6 on a 1-3 at a D6 it counts as an 53 on the crit tab (Burst Artery). On a 4-6 the crit are roled normaly.

The wearer of the sword are haunted by nightmares (every night he get burried alive by his friends) and cant regain mental conditions.

Every time the bearer kills an living creature or vaesen with the sword he must roll a Fear 2 Test (every PC in the near of the wearer reduce the pool at -1 max -3). If the wearer fails he will attack the nearest person until they die, the wearer goes unconcussion or he lost the sword.

According to legend, the sword was only given to warriors in dire need who had been blinded beforehand and had been trained in blind combat.

If they were successful in battle, they were buried alive because the spirit of the werewolf had invaded their soul and no one wanted to risk the spirit of the werewolf poisoning the soul of whoever killed the blinded warrior.

In the Vatican, the swords are also known as the "fingernail of the devil".

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