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Rules clarifications

Sat 26 Feb 2022, 20:58

Can anyone please clarify the following rules in the core rulebook?
  • Page 123, Powdered Stag's Horn: What does it mean that "you can use OBSERVATION to resist the temptations of Vaesen?" Observation is already used to resist a lot of Curses, so I don't understand how this is an improvement. Does it mean that you can use Observation to resist ALL curses, or perhaps you can use OBSERVATION in place of VIGILANCE for the few curses that use Vigilance? Or is "temptations" something specific?
  • Page 92, Gymnasium: The description says that "A player who spends one scene in the gymnasium heals a physical Condition." Does this mean that the Gymnasium is only useful during adventures that take place in and around Upsala? Or can a character who is on an adventure far away from Upsala spend a scene "reminiscing" about the time that they spent in the Gymnasium and they heal an extra physical Condition? (This same question also applies to the Butterfly House and the Botanical Garden. Incidentally, there is a typo in the PDF description of the Butterfly House: Its Function mentions the Botanical Garden, not the Butterfly House.)

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