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Re: Music for your TOR Sessions

Fri 04 Mar 2022, 14:29

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Re: Music for your TOR Sessions

Tue 02 Aug 2022, 14:26

I finally managed to get parts of my family to play the first couple of adventures from the Starter Set yesterday. We had great fun, and my daughter figured this playlist from YouTube would be the perfect soundtrack to the gaming experience, which was quite correct!
Ambient Worlds - Lord of the Rings Music & Ambience

Lots of playlists for different locations in Middle Earth.
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Re: Music for your TOR Sessions

Wed 03 Aug 2022, 15:12

I purchased the OST for Kingdom Come Deliverance PC/console game on steam, it's full of both beautiful orchestrals and 'folksy' tunes which I think are perfect for TOR... Loved the game, love the soundtrack. :mrgreen:

I've also used some Witcher 3 OST music in my fantasy games, they might work in TOR too, at least some of them.
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Re: Music for your TOR Sessions

Mon 19 Sep 2022, 20:29

Lord of the rings online music, normal lotr music and whatever I find that fits.

Had one session in 1e with a rather nasty storm. Played "Davy Jones" from Pirates. Used the music box at the start to narrate the players noticing the turn in the weather, the first rain drops and whatnot and when the organ started blasting I started describing the violent piece of whoop-ass storm that was going on. I obviously timed it once beforehand to know when to do what.

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