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Posted: Wed 19 Jan 2022, 06:58
by BytomMan
Are there vampires in the game yet?

Re: Vampires

Posted: Wed 19 Jan 2022, 11:40
by Fenhorn
I haven't seen that, no.

Re: Vampires

Posted: Thu 24 Mar 2022, 11:04
by HGJase
There's no reason why you couldn't add them though. They're a supernatural creature although I suspect they're somewhat hard to integrate in the same way that Vaesen are. Vampires are very much a top of the food-chain, don't need human help kinda deal. Unless they were cursed and didn't want to be a vampire but were a slave to their blood lust.

They're every bit as gothic horror as werewolves are, if not more so.

Re: Vampires

Posted: Thu 30 Jun 2022, 12:08
by tak5haka
Not sure if it is helpful, but I have recently been looking at this and have found the "Undead" art book very useful to get general flavour and the old GURPS "Blood Types" sourcebook to aid with how these might work in gameplay. What I have noticed is that despite the numerous types of "vampires", the Revenant (from the core book) and the Glaistig (from the Britain sourcebook) are both good bases to work from (with some modifications).

I really like that powers and conditions can be very descriptive in the main part when creating or modifying vaesen, which helps to put something together quite quickly that suits your table and setting.