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Game scenario - The Light Fantastic

Posted: Tue 04 Jan 2022, 22:31
by wag7103055
This question is aimed at the Tabletopia version of the boardgame.
I did not see the standee for the Magnatrine Ship anywhere around the board and wondered how it would "show up" during play. Normally, it would be off the board, then placed on the board when instructed by the diary card. Can you enlighten me, Fenhorn?

Re: Game scenario - The Light Fantastic

Posted: Wed 05 Jan 2022, 00:29
by Fenhorn
The creator of that module forgot to add the magnatrine ship standee, so instead simply use anything else to represent it. The magnatrine standee is just placed on the sector indicated on the diary card and is moved as instructed on that diary card. Also remember that the diary card L4B has a reference to response card, but that is a left-over from the alpha, the magnatrine ship doesn't have response cards so that reference can just be ignored.