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Re: Alpha Feedback - Mythic Britain & Ireland

Thu 30 Dec 2021, 11:40

Page 123 - Map of Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath missing final 'h' in upper right-hand corner.

Both occurrences of "East Heath Road" label also missing final 'h' (i.e. "East Heat Road")

Greengrocer label in centre bottom has extra 't' appended (i.e. "Green-grocert")
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Re: Alpha Feedback - Mythic Britain & Ireland

Thu 30 Dec 2021, 22:36

In the NPC sidebars in the mysteries there are some inconsistencies with their Equipment and that presented in the core rulebook. The following pieces of equipment and weaponry do not appear in their respective tables on p74-77 of the core rulebook. I understand that some of these are simply for flavour rather than mechanical use, but worth considering (especially for the weapons) to avoid confusion.

p77 Edgar Longby - shotgun
p83 Typical Villager - shovel, pitchfork - these probably need an equivalent weapon in brackets, or a note about improvised weapons (see p120 for umbrella example)
p84 Mary Hopper - skillet (as club) - there is no 'club' in the weapons table (perhaps quarterstaff?)
p86 Albert Bradley - shotgun
p86 Constable Edward Moore - truncheon (club) - see previous club comment, also inconsistency in wording; is it '(as club)' or simply '(club)', comes up later as full example p127
p87 Tom Pawsey - shotgun, 4 wire snares - wires snares should perhaps be hunting traps or hunting equipment
p89 Fred Thomas - missing (and pink) Attributes (strangely these are filled in in the Tabletop Gaming magazine preview of this mystery)
p92 Sergeant Jack Worrel - truncheon (club)
p93 Doctor Cuthbert Mellors - medical tools - medical equipment is the term used in the core rulebook
p102 Dr. Janet Evans - Doctor's bag - should be 'doctor's bag with medical equipment' for consistency with above error. Also, shouldn't be capitalised.
p127 Sergeant Gerald Hall - truncheon - no '(club)' but rather new truncheon statistics, possible this mystery with written before Old Meg? Also here, the sidebar extends beneath the bottom of the page.
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Re: Alpha Feedback - Mythic Britain & Ireland

Fri 31 Dec 2021, 21:53

Page 127 makes it clear that Newford House is in Gladstone Place when the address is given. But the map shows Newford House as being to the west of Hampstead and not in Gladstone Place. Because asking the neighbours about Newford House is an important part of the scenario it would make sense to change Newford House’s position on the map so it is in Gladstone Place.
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Re: Alpha Feedback - Mythic Britain & Ireland

Fri 31 Dec 2021, 23:48

Page 92 - “Old Meg” refers to “an antient Standing Stone nearby. Typo of ‘ancient’.
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Re: Alpha Feedback - Mythic Britain & Ireland

Sat 01 Jan 2022, 23:06

In "Old Meg", there is a lot of referring to "Empathy tests". Should this be Manipulation?

Also, the Mystery suggests using Observation in order to find clues and detect stuff. This is not what the Observation skill is used for.
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Re: Alpha Feedback - Mythic Britain & Ireland

Fri 07 Jan 2022, 17:26

not so much a feed back entry for the alpha pdf, more a question -

is it just me who reads the elements of Old Meg adventure as if it were set in hot Fuzz? you know, for the greater good?
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Re: Alpha Feedback - Mythic Britain & Ireland

Mon 10 Jan 2022, 23:44

Had spotted this mismatch too! Further information might best be acquired from and Orcadian and Scottish source:
The Orkneyjar site has proved very useful for my research folklore of Orkney (a lot very much linked to Scandinavian folklore) for my Orkney D&D setting.

Nuckelavee pp.62-63:

The illustration on p.63 does not match the description given of the being on p.62!

The description is of an integrated horse and rider “chimera”:
  • A horse body, complete with horse head
  • A legless humanoid body sprouts from the centre of its back
  • The “rider” torso has arms long enough to reach the ground
  • The “rider” torso has an enormous, disproportionate, round, lolling head, about a metre in diameter
  • The equine (horse) head (not the “rider’s” head!) has a single burning red eye
  • The equine head has noxious gas billowing from its mouth
  • The creature’s legs have fins in addition to hooves
  • The creature has no skin; muscles and organs are exposed

The picture just shows what mostly looks like a daemonic cyclops centaur.

The only thing these have in common is that both start from a vaguely equinoid body, but beyond that … it mostly seems like Egerkrans never got around to reading the description through properly.

Edit: here is a rendition that captures more of the elements in the description: ... -or-origin
You’ll find others if you google for “My Little Nuckelavee”…
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Re: Alpha Feedback - Mythic Britain & Ireland

Tue 11 Jan 2022, 00:52

Thank you for sending the Alpha PDF. I enjoyed reading it.

I think that I found some typos. I'm not a native English speaker. I might be mistaken. Please check the following:

p. 53, left column, line 5 of bullet "The black dog of Hinton": front door of the house (replace "one" by "of")
p. 65, right column, bullet "Annie Tremannon": missing "." at the end.
p. 71, left column, line 2-3 of bullet "Ceffyl Dwr": from which it rushes ??? (replace "is" by "it" ?)
p. 92, right column, line 4 of "Clues": Stukeley (missing "e")
p. 94, right column, line 5: preparations for a confrontation ??? (remove "m" in "form" ?)
p. 102, right column, line 6 of bullet "The collapse": she marvels (she, not he)
p. 112, right column, line 5 of "Challenges": convince her (her, not him)
p. 114, left column, bullet "Hywel Jones": Hew Bach vs. Huw Bach
p. 115, right column, line 9: remove one "."

General: I found both Dickens' London (p 140) and Dickens's London (p 141). Is there a native speaker who can comment which version (s's vs. s' for nouns ending with "s") is correct? There are dozens of examples for both in the PDF.

Best wishes, Erik
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Re: Alpha Feedback - Mythic Britain & Ireland

Thu 13 Jan 2022, 18:34


I love what this is but id really like to see a second version of the London map which shows where the key places you mention in the book are located. Id like this on a separate page to the normal map so one can be used to show players.
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Re: Alpha Feedback - Mythic Britain & Ireland

Fri 14 Jan 2022, 01:54

P29. Under Jack the Ripper it says ‘he sent taunting letter’. Should this be ‘taunting letters’?

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