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Official Errata and FAQ Thread

Mon 20 Dec 2021, 09:48


The errata has now been collected into a downloadable PDF which includes the proper tables for Nameless Things. You can download the file here.

This is the official thread to post errata issues or questions about the rules that need answering. We know the community has already got the ball rolling so we have a number of answers below. Answers and corrections in this specific post should be considered official.

We have four sections:
  1. Errata. These are actual rules errors and probably the most important part.
  2. Clarifications. These are slight updates to how rules are phrased or where they appear to make the rules clearer. They are not actual rule errors or changes.
  3. Typos. These are merely cosmetic typos. We include them here so they don't get reported again.
  4. FAQ. Answers to specific rules questions.
The One Ring Core Rules

1. Errata
Page 64: in the first paragraph, replace “Background” with “Calling”
Page 149: The Orc-axe stats in the Great Orc Bodyguard box should be (5/18, Break Shield).
Page 150: replace the Orc Soldier Craven ability text with the following: “When affected by the Intimidate Foe combat task, the creature also loses 1 Hate.”
Pages 154: Replace the Strike Fear ability with the following: “Thing of Terror. At the start of the first round of the battle all Player-heroes in sight gain 3 Shadow points (Dread). Those who fail their Shadow test are daunted and cannot spend Hope for the rest of the fight.”
Page 170: For the purposes of calculating the starting Eye Awareness of a Company add 1 for each Famous Weapon and Armour carried by members of the Company (instead of adding 2).
Page 170: The table Eye Awareness should look like this:
Player-heroes Eye Awareness
Only Hobbits or Men 0
One or more Dwarves 1
One or more Dúnedain or Elves 2
One or more High Elves 3
Page 199: remove the reference to Overbear in Búrzgul’s stat block and replace his Orc Poison ability with “If an attack results in a Wound, the target is also poisoned (see page 134 for the effects of poison).”
Page 199: replace Ash’s Fear of Fire ability with “The creature loses 1 Hate at the start of each round it is engaged in close combat with an adversary wielding a torch or other sort of burning item.”
Page 219: Gilraen’s Fellowship Bonus should be 0
Page 229: Lady Elwen possesses all the Fell Abilities of Fell Wraiths (page 155), including the Undead default abilities of Deathless, Heartless and Thing of Terror.
Page 233: On Table 2, result #9 should read ‘Man-like’
Page 236: tables 6-8 are from an earlier iteration and will be updated in the next PDF version of the rules.
Endpapers: Loremaster’s Map: The reference to ‘Free Lands’ in the map box should read ‘Border Lands’ instead. Also, each hex is 20 miles wide.

2. Clarifications
Page 42: replace “During the Fellowship Phase you recover…” with “During a Fellowship Phase (not Yule) you recover…”
Page 71: at the end of the Taking a Break From Adventuring section add “..., and they recover them all at Yule…”
Page 120: replace the rules text in the right column with "During Yule, all Player-­heroes recover all Hope. They also earn a number of bonus Skill points equal to their Wits rating, and add this amount to the total they accumulated during the last Adventuring Phase."
Page 169: in the Eye Awareness section replace "based on the number of Player-heroes in the group," with "based on the composition of the group,"
Endpapers: a scale reference will be added. Each hex is 20 miles across.

3. Typos
Page 17: remove the extra “when” in the Who Rolls section
Page 55: In the example, replace “If the Barding was the burglar’s Fellowship Focus” with "If the burglar was the Barding's Fellowship Focus”
Page 135: replace “is the best tool” with “are the best tool”
Page 152: for the Cave-troll Slinker replace “Used to live in…” with “Used to living in…”
Page 180: replace “ditchf” with “ditch”
Page 200: replace “returned” with “return”
Page 216: replace “three thousand” with “two thousand”
Page 224: replace “Loresmaster” with “Loremaster”
Endpapers: replace “Free Lands” with “Borderlands”

4. FAQ
  1. Should “Deadly Archery” also affect Great Bows?

The One Ring Starter Set

1. Errata

2. Clarifications
The Rules, page 9: replace “Each Attribute TN is equal to 20 minus its corresponding Attribute score” with "Each Attribute TN in the Starter Set is equal to 18 minus its corresponding Attribute score (the full The One Ring Core Rules use 20 instead)."
The Rules, page 23: under Heavy Blow replace “your Strength rating” with “your Strength rating (Adversaries use Attribute Level)”

3. Typos
The Rules, page 9: in the example Paladin’s Strength TN should be 15.
The Shire, page 4: replace “only to return, nearly a decade ago” with “only to return, nearly two decades ago”
The Adventures, page 4: replace “in this box set are nine pre-generated Player-heroes” with “in this box set are eight pre-generated Player-heroes”

4. FAQ
  1. On page 9 of The Shire it seems to say that the distance between Michel Delving and the Brandywine Bridge is 40 leagues when it is more like 23 according to the map. Which is correct?
    The full length of the East Road, within the Shire, is about 40 leagues. It’s just that most Hobbits don’t really bother counting anything west of Michel Delving.
  2. On the map it says Bindbale Woods instead of Bindbole Woods. Which is correct?
    Even Professor Tolkien himself was inconsistent with this name and wrote it in both ways. We chose Bindbale.

The Loremaster’s Screen and The Rivendell Compendium

1. Errata
Page 12: in the rules text for Skill of the Eldar replace the Elvish symbol with the Gandalf rune.

2. Clarifications

3. Typos
Page 3: in the graphics replace “Overeiw” with “Overview”
Page 4: in the Entrance Hall section replace “A corridor” with “Corridors” and “either side leads to” with “either side lead to”

4. FAQ
  1. The High Elf Virtue Skill of the Eldar says that it triggers when rolling an Elven symbol, but on the Feat Die. This should be the Succes Dice, since a Gandalf Rune on the Feat Die is already an automatic succes, right?
    Actually, Gandalf Rune on the Feat Die is the right one - this is a common misconception: a Magical success allows you to do ‘impossible’ things, feats you cannot accomplish normally, even if you roll a Gandalf Rune (like for example, hiding in plain sight, walkin on top of fresh snow, etc.)
Fria Ligan
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Re: Official Errata and FAQ Thread

Mon 20 Dec 2021, 19:55

Edit: this got fixed!
Meta-errata: In the following errata,
Pages 52 vs 129: Gilraen’s Fellowship Bonus should be 0
the second page reference should be 219.
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Re: Official Errata and FAQ Thread

Tue 21 Dec 2021, 16:29

Since somebody just mentioned it on facebook: The High Elves' Elven-Wise blessing can be read that you can raise an attribute each time you spend hope to get a Magical Success. While this is obvisouly not the case, it can trip you up while reading, so I'd suggest simply flipping it around:

"Add 1 point to one Attribute of your choice.
In addition, you can spend 1 point [...] skill roll if you are not Miserable."
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Re: Official Errata and FAQ Thread

Wed 22 Dec 2021, 07:30

I bought the game recently and as I've been reading through the PDF of the Core Rules, I've noticed a couple of things that need clarifying or changes.

Page 99: The Heavy Blow special damage type states that you raise the loss of Endurance by an additional +1 if you are using a 2-handed weapon. It is unclear if this applies to long swords, spears, & long-hafted axes when wielded with two hands or if it only applies to the great spear, great axe, & mattock. I suggest changing it to either "if you are wielding a weapon with two hands" or "if you are using a weapon that can only be wielded with two hands."
Page 101: The second sentence in the paragraph describing the result of a successful healing roll under the Dying Heroes section is unclear. It references what happens if a hero is wounded but I am unsure if it is referencing what happens if the hero began dying due to being wounded twice or if it's talking about if the hero is wounded shortly after being healed.
Page 101: The final paragraph under the Complications and Advantages section is brown when it should be black.

If I see anything else as I continue reading the rules, I'll come back and post them. Cheers!

Edit Dec 22, 21: I found another mistake.

Page 111: The last sentence in the bracketed text under Ending the Journey is black when it should be brown.
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Re: Official Errata and FAQ Thread

Wed 22 Dec 2021, 13:28

Thanks to Free League and the community for the excellent work on FAQs/errata.

1) Magical Successes - mechanics
- How should we treat magical successes mechanically, particularly when try to calculate total successes?
- For example, in a council/skill endeavour knowing the total successes contributes to your results. For other rolls it provides a helpful shorthand and a table to spend any extra successes on.
- Potential solution: a rule of thumb/guidance on mechanical impact? Jacob gave some helpful commentary on the forums, while reminding people Magical Results go above and beyond normal successes. "If you have to put a numerical value to it, consider it worth at least one more Tengwar.... The important part is that the Magical Success should deliver something clearly more than a regular Gandalf success. Gandalf is "you did as good as anyone else could do in such circumstances". A Magical Success (especially via Skill of the Eldar) is "you did unbelievingly better than anyone else could do in such circumstances"."

2) Councils & Skill endeavours
- Should we adjust the rolls allowed and successes required in Councils and Skill Endeavours, so more challenging requests/tasks are actually more difficult rather than easier?
- The maths for these doesn't quite work in the published rules: what should be more difficult Council requests or Skill Endeavours are frequently easier, particularly once you get to mid to high dice pools. Good summary of the maths here: viewtopic.php?f=129&t=8509.
- Potential solution: make the Resistance (successes required) scale up faster than the Time Limit. So a Laborious task might be 6 successes in 4 attempts (or whatever is needed to make the maths work better, I haven't crunched the numbers yet).

3) Magical successes - can these only be achieved on Skill rolls?
- While the core rules only allow a magical success on Skill rolls (via Broken Spells, Elven-Skill and Magical Items) Skill of the Eldar from the Rivendell Booklet seems to allow it on any Feat die roll. But I think this is as it is implicitly referring to the Cultural Blessing Elven-Wise, which limits this to Skill rolls.
- "When you roll a [Gandalf Rune] on the Feat die, your result counts as a Magical success without needing to spend Hope."
- Cool and interesting if it allows High Elves to achieve Magical Successes on other types of roll (a Shadow Test might be thematic!), and if not it might be worth noting this only applies to Skill Rolls, such as: "- "When you roll a [Gandalf Rune] on the Feat die during a Skill Roll, your result counts as a Magical success without needing to spend Hope."
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Re: Official Errata and FAQ Thread

Wed 22 Dec 2021, 14:30

I guess I'll repeat a question I've asked a few other places here in hopes it gets answered:
If your company has multiple Bardings with the Cram virtue, does the endurance recovery of Cram stack?
Several people felt like it shouldn't because that would be, they thought, very strong. I can see the argument. But given how readily endurance is regained in other situations anyway, I didn't think it was as strong as they're thinking. And I felt like it's not fair if the second person with Cram gets no benefit from their virtue. So to me it seems there are good arguments on both sides, and I don't think this will be settled without a FL weigh-in.
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Re: Official Errata and FAQ Thread

Wed 22 Dec 2021, 15:08

From my side what I miss and I was forced to house rule the situation is Eye Awareness rules which were still not addressed by FR. I can't use them with 4+ valor group because in most cases it auto breaches the threshold immediately after reset. Here was a long discussion :) - viewtopic.php?f=129&t=8446&start=50
Our group come up with second option which is not far from RAW and it doesn't auto fail unless you show after reset everything what you got to the enemy. It's even more fun because now they can follow not only Hope vs Shadow but also Cover vs Hunt.
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Re: Official Errata and FAQ Thread

Wed 22 Dec 2021, 19:51

Thank you Free League for posting this! I am looking forward to actually playing soon. It's been too long and I've been too busy with other projects. Can't wait!
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Re: Official Errata and FAQ Thread

Thu 23 Dec 2021, 03:30

Trying to imagine what the response will be to the feedback on the Council difficulty rules.

Will there be an updated set of Council Rules in the near future?
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Re: Official Errata and FAQ Thread

Thu 23 Dec 2021, 18:32

Is it just me (or the funky font) or does the title on the map of Eriador on the frontpaper actually say 'ERADOR'?
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