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Alternatives to d20?

Sat 18 Dec 2021, 05:58

Hi! Any GMs out there experimented with Symbaroum either as a 2d10 system, or as a "Roll 3d20, pick the middle value" system? Any thoughts on that?

I'm interested in dipping my toes into the system, and have always disliked some of the strictly linear probability of pure d20 -- though to be fair, the quick and efficient resolution of checks in the context of Symbaroum definitely seem like a strength, and I can appreciate the value there. It looks clean in that regard, even as I'm fighting some instincts on coming from a gaming background that favors curved probability distribution.

Open to thoughts. :)
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Re: Alternatives to d20?

Thu 20 Jan 2022, 18:49

I'm not sure if you are the same person that talked about this on Reddit or not so I'll restate a bit of what was said there.
  • Using 3d20 keep middle is preferable to 2d10 as it keeps the middle of the curve closer to 10.5 (average of 1d20)
  • The only big change with using 3d20 is it makes the extremes (especially crits (1s and 20s)) much less likely
    • This also means that characters with 5s or 15+s in their attributes are much less/more likely to succeed
  • You can see the curve on Anydice using "middle 1 of 3d20"
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Re: Alternatives to d20?

Fri 21 Jan 2022, 08:37

Just a thought: while I generally like the 2d10 curve, there's the problem when using it instead of a d20 that the result of 1 is impossible. Your rolls range from 2-20, instead of 1-20. In Symbaroum, the 1 isn't a critical or anything unless you use optional rules. But worth mentioning if you plan on having special effects trigger on 20s and 1s.
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Re: Alternatives to d20?

Sun 03 Apr 2022, 15:48

The only problem I see with a bell curve for Symbaroum is that it might make your lower Attributes almost useless. Your 5 and 7 Attributes will be so lame players will need to avoid using them at all costs.

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