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Company log sheet

Sun 19 Sep 2021, 11:07

I'm struggling to find the company log sheet, as referenced in the section The Company, starting on page 51 of the alpha rules. Players are supposed to record Fatigue points in the company log, with any remaining Fatigue points recorded on affected Player-heroes' character sheets.

This is a new rule for 2e, and I've only just noticed it. Difficult to implement it without the log sheet, though.
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Re: Company log sheet

Wed 22 Sep 2021, 03:05

I asked directly where this log sheet was and the official reply is that it will be available when the 2E final version is out. Until then, we're all just working with what we got. ;)
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Re: Company log sheet

Wed 22 Sep 2021, 04:54

Another user has created this based on the descriptions of the log book from the alpha rules. I haven't yet used them, but they look pretty accurate to what is described. Again, this is not my work, just sharing for you guys to see it.

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