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Conestoga-class dimensions

Fri 17 Sep 2021, 17:40

There are a number of listings for the Sulaco (wikipedia and earlier Aliens game material ... pacecraft)) which specify that the Sulaco is 385 m long. The game lists the Conestoga class as being 731 m long.- is a revision in order or is this a refiguring of the actual length of the ship length? It would also impact the Hull rating.
At this time, is this considered an error or is it a revision (re-figuring what the length should be - based on the relative size of the drop-ship?)
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ALIEN: THE BLUEPRINTS (considered tier2 canon) lists 731m as the length and 96m as the beam.
It's also a totally gorgeous book and well worth the price.

For canon/not canon questions, the most official listing I've seen for ALIEN franchise is here: ... ien-world/
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Re: Conestoga-class dimensions

Fri 17 Sep 2021, 19:21

no argument here, case solved.
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Re: Conestoga-class dimensions

Sun 19 Sep 2021, 15:48

Thank you! - I later also found this - based on calculating the size based on the dropship - I appreciate the background info!

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