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GMG Questions

Thu 16 Sep 2021, 21:36


I've done a quick reading about the GM Guide and i've some questions:
1/ There is no table of difficulties (for eg: Easy DC 10, average DC 15...).

2/ There is a short passage creating an encounter but:
-are they for an easy, normal or hard encounter? If normal, what's the change to apply? Maybe in the monsters' codex?
For familiarity’s sake, all of the core rules for combat apply. To determine appropriate enemy forces, you can use the core rules to build encounters or see the simplified rules on page 18
==> what are these "core rules"... where to find them?
In general, players of Ruins of Symbaroum should expect to have two to four encounters of high difficulty when in a dangerous situation
==> ok... why not. What is the delay? per day? What is the ratio for normal situation and easy situation? What is an high difficulty (see previous question)?

3/ I haven't seen the progression (in term of XP to reach) for to gain new lvl for players, are they the same than in D&D?

4/ I haven't seen any table on how many points do we have to put on each attributes. It wasn't in the Core rulebook so i expected to see them in this book.

5/ There is no clear table on which amount of XP to give for some challenge: social for eg or situation (for example: a scene where players look for some clues in a room and start investigating).
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Re: GMG Questions

Thu 16 Sep 2021, 22:57

1. Take a look at page 16.

2. References to the core rules refer to books published by the first party publisher (i.e. not us). Discussions of creating encounters using the core rules is beyond the scope of the OGL and SRD (i.e. what we can use).

3. Anything not specified as different is the same as the core rules.

4. See #3. Again this is beyond the OGL/SRD scope.

5. Throughout the book there are sample Experience Point awards for various situations, feel free to use those as a guide and/or the general concept of defeating a challenge appropriate to the heroes' level being equal to defeating a monster of a challenge rating equal to the group's level. For more on XP awards and alternate progression schemes, see the core rules (again outside our OGL/SRD access).
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Re: GMG Questions

Thu 16 Sep 2021, 23:37

Thx a lot for the quick answer!

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