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Treasure blessings and curses

Wed 15 Sep 2021, 17:50

I'd like to open a discussion of possible wondrous and magical items for inclusion in Campaign treasure indexes.

I'll start with this very simple Spear. Each blessing is learned by gaining a Reward
Numenorian Spear of Henling
When first found: Superior Fell
1st Reward: Orc slaying
2nd Reward: Sending - rolls are favored if thrown

Book of Numenor: +2d lore if question relates to Numenor.

As this is their first time with this system, I don't want them getting a cursed item and then becoming Artifact shy. Much better to have the next item carry a curse! :lol:
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Re: Treasure blessings and curses

Sat 18 Sep 2021, 02:26

The company of adventurers in my game solved a riddle and found their way into a tomb under the ruins of the Eastfort, the Dwarven hold at the east end of the Old Dwarf Road through Mirkwood. Among the treasures, they found a long pointed blade they determined to be a spear head. Once fitted to a suitable haft, the great spear's enchantments became apparent once again.

Web-Cleaver, Elven, Bane (Spiders)
1. Superior Luminescence (Spiders)*
2. Superior Keen (Piercing Blow on 8+, or 10 minus VALOUR vs. Spiders)
3. Rune-scored

* The 'superior' luminescence allows the wielder to see in magical webs of darkness and to cut through all webs with ease, per this note on ALPHA page 164:
In addition to being possibly more effective against the types of creatures they were crafted to defeat, Bane weapons are destructive to elements connected to the creatures that are the object of the Bane, and would immediately be recognized as such by them.
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Re: Treasure blessings and curses

Sat 25 Sep 2021, 04:01

Nice, Rafamir! I might have to borrow that.

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