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Re: Even MORE Foundry Questions MAPS and TOKENS

Fri 03 Sep 2021, 17:34

Now I actually just change it to gridless, so the tokens can be placed everywhere without any snapping. Regarding the measurement, that is not so important because we have hexes, but if you upload your own map, you can ditch hexes and then it could be useful.
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Re: Even MORE Foundry Questions MAPS and TOKENS

Sat 04 Sep 2021, 00:09

I actually haven't tried gridless. I guess it would work well, but you lose the utility of being able to just move things according to the actual rules, without fiddling.

Simply scaling down the tokens achieves what is desired with being able to snap multiple tokens into a single (properly scaled, 10m) hex. This is what I did with my homebrew system and what I had to do with the official one.

I will say that even if it was designed this way by intent, it's not intuitive or necessary, and does feel like an oversight. I spent about half an hour re-aligning all of the maps to properly fit the grid.
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Re: Even MORE Foundry Questions MAPS and TOKENS

Sat 11 Sep 2021, 20:13

It's been alot of experimenting (thanks to Fenhorn, omnipus and all you others for your inspiration and experimenting) to find the settings that work for me.
First off, we play IRL with a monitor that I, as a GM, share with a player-account that owns all the PC's. The players point out their actions on a physical map or monitor and I move them accordingly.
For me, the original grid size works best for measurements, blast radius etc. I keep the grid and have reduced the token size to 0.5 and I use the "pick up, hold shift, drop down" to place the tokens without grid-lock. I use tokens made in HeroForge with pointing weapons in a top down view so I can ctrl or shift-scrollwheel them into position to clarify when someone is in cover.
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Re: Even MORE Foundry Questions MAPS and TOKENS

Sun 10 Oct 2021, 22:38

Does someone know why the battle maps, tokens and character art are hidden in this system on Foundry? For other games/systems I own, the art is accessible in the system. It would have been nice to be able to find the art assets in the system in order to have more tokens as a wildcard for the various vehicles and NPCs, be able to use the battle maps as tiles to place them alongside each other to make bigger maps, etc. As of now, all maps are set to the same dimensions and that's great and all for close quarter combats but if I want to use snipers or vehicles, I'd like to place a few maps next to each other. I know I can break the pdf of the battle maps into individual png files, dress them up in Gimp and load them up to my own data folder in Foundry in order to use them as tiles but it would have been so much easier if I could just access those who are already there. Thoughts?

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