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Alien: Chariot of the Gods, exact location?

Mon 12 Apr 2021, 21:20

I understand that it doesn’t matter, but is it stated somewhere where the scenario takes place? Between Sutter’s World and Anchorpoint, but closest star etc. I am sure the players will want to know, when they wake up from cryo.
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Re: Chariot of the Gods, exact location?

Mon 12 Apr 2021, 21:29

I would guest ... half-way ... like near 2M0746+2 Shambleau (Gordon & Medusa) sector or 55 cancri sector
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Re: Chariot of the Gods, exact location?

Sun 18 Apr 2021, 00:17

See my post today in the Early ideas for a campaign thread. I put them much closer to Sutter's, but literally YMMV ;)

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Re: Chariot of the Gods, exact location?

Thu 26 Aug 2021, 04:07

Thinking out loud here:

The starmap's straight-line from Anchorpoint to Sutter's is through mostly undeveloped space.

This run is supposed to be "the Gauntlet" which could be some oblique reference to a transit through Gorgon/Shambleau or between there and Pollux - but that's not made very clear if so.

Meanwhile the Cronus is flying at .4c for 75-80 years on a vector from 26 Draconis which points somewhere, anywhere between Anchorpoint and Sutter's.

Time over distance - how far does Cronus really get?

With the two headings and that speed/time - you could probably plot the positional arc on the map where the Cronus should be given the data we have

And here's the fun... the Montero was *diverted* in transit from its base course.

This means, basically, they could change course anywhere between and "right turn" away from the base course to Sutter's and onto a new heading to intercept Cronus.

They were not dispatched straight from Anchorpoint to the Cronus - loading all of the cargo would make no sense then.

So the Montero was originally on a hauling hauling contract - and W-Y detected the Cronus inbound (somehow) and went looking for the nearest ship that could intercept.

Montero drew the short straw.

So, possible course targets like Pollux, 47 Ursa Majoris or even Groombridge 1830 are not out of the question.
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Re: Chariot of the Gods, exact location?

Wed 08 Sep 2021, 20:52

Looking at the Star Map, Draconis 26 (where the Cronus picked up the goo) is a heckuva long trip.. To have the Cronus travel that far to any of the Parsecs surrounding Sutter's World for 73 years is a huge 'side trek' (they just veered a little to the left : P ).. Just sayin... Maybe the Montero was diverted quite a bit from their trajectory to Sutter's.. There would be limits to how far the Montero could intercept given the ship's possible fuel restraints. I like Exiles suggestions.. I would personally pick 47 Ursa Majoris.

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